2020 Photography Goals

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It's said that one of the best ways of achieving your goals is to make yourself accountable for them by making them public. So here are my 2020 Photography goals and projects. 

1. Put at least one of my prints up for sale.

2. Invest in my photography instead of investing in more gear.

3. Enter one of my images in a photography contest.

4. Learn that thing on my camera that I've always wanted to learn.

5. Do actual, real honest-to -goodness practice.

6. "Mom project", digitize old family pictures.

7. Framed prints up on the walls of my home.

8. Update photography website by March 31st. (Completed)

    - Portfolio updated quarterly.

    - New look.(Completed)

    - Blog Setup.(Completed)

9. Print a physical portfolio, 11 X 14 prints by June 30th. (30 to 60 prints).

10. Clean-up photographic files.

    - Discard duplicates and unwanted files.

    - Set-up home network.

    - Cloud back-up.

11. Create 3 to 5 different 5 X 7 "Leave Behinds" on card stock to give out to people to create interest in my work. 

12. Make some promotional materials with "Wow Factor" (small magazine, puzzle, cups, etc.)

13. Create a 2021 calendar by September 30th.

14. Customize my day planner with my own custom pages.

15. The "Atlanta Project.

16. Attend at least one photography workshop or conference.

17. Attend at least one meeting of local photography club.

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